The SPS (Spark Plasma Sintering) or « Frittage Flash » s a relevant tool at the disposal of the specialists in Materials Science which makes it possible to densify all types of compounds : ceramics, composites, alloys, gradient-function materials, etc... The dijonnaise machine makes it possible to subject the sample to pulses of electric current (typically 0-10V, 1-30 KA) while applying a pressure of several tens of MPa, and this in a temperature range varying from ambient to ambient at 2400°C. The treated samples may have, in the Dijon version, a size ranging in diameter from 30 to 180 mm and for industrial equipment available from the manufacturer FCT System the diameters may exceed 400 mm. A schematic diagram of this device is shown opposite. The major difference from conventional sintering techniques under load is that the sample does not undergo external heating (Joule effect) but internal. The experiments are generally carried out under vacuum but it is possible to work under different controlled atmospheres (nitrogen, hydrogen or argon).

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