Why SINTERmat ?

The will of two researchers

His vocation

For who ? Why ?

The company SINTERMAT emanates from a desire to promote university public research (ICB - UMR 6303 CNRS / University of Burgundy) in the field of powder metallurgy and the emergence of SPS (Spark Plasma) fast sintering technology. Sintering) to produce dense parts with controlled microstructure from powders of different natures (metal, ceramics, composites, ...).

Provide innovative "materials" solutions to the metal industry and customer application sectors, taking into account the economic and social environment. This way consists in positioning the project on the production and le industrial development of totally innovative advanced totally innovative based on the techniques of powder metallurgy.

The first surveys and investigations into industrial environment confirm that this type of project responds to  a growing demand contractors in search of  new solutions materials. In particular microstructure materials controlled is a promising avenue and a definite potential to meet expectations and push the existing technological limits and thus enter the era of "intelligent materials".

In short ...

It will strengthen the activities of the "Bourgogne Franche-Comté"region in the fields of the mechanics and metallurgy industry and will bring new skills and potentialitiesSinter-mat will therefore meet the needs of manufacturers in terms of production of small and medium-sized series in emerging markets such as luxury goods, defense, aeronautics and energy.
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